Vegan Zuppa Toscana

I first fell in love with a version of this soup at the Olive Garden many years ago.  Later a friend gave me a recipe to make it at home and it was always a favorite.  

But when we gave up meat, I struggled and failed to make this soup vegetarian let alone vegan.  After moving to Finland and being super happy with all the vegan options here, I gave this soup another go and finally perfected it.  Now it’s everyone’s favorite meal.  And I am given to believe oat cream has made its way to the States now too!

Alexa is a better cook than I.  She measures things and writes easy to follow recipes.  Mine are a little more chaotic.  Sorry!


Vegan “ground meat”
Bag of thin skinned potatoes 
Lots of onions
3 Vegetable bullion cubes
3 big leaves of Kale
3 Oat Cream (2dl)
Minced Garlic
Rosemary,  Sage, Oregano, Thyme 
Salt and Pepper to taste

Step 1: Making the “sausage”

In my first attempts at this soup, I tried to buy vegan sausage but it all tasted wrong, and very very smokey.  So smokey we threw out several batches without eating them.  Maybe you know a great product you could use, but I suggest doing it like this the first time you make the soup!

Pour the ground “meat” into the pot.  Use a little oil and enough water to keep it wet.  Add a heaping scoop of minced garlic, and LOTS of rosemary.  I get 15g packages and use nearly the whole thing.  Use it generously.  I also add in a lot of sage, oregano and thyme, though less than the rosemary.  A few shakes of black pepper too.  And I keep adding enough water to keep it all wet, and simmer it for about 5 mins.

Step 2: Soup

Next I add more water and three vegetable bullion cubes and stir a little till they dissolve.

Add in chopped onions until your pot is about 1/3 full, and enough water to cover them.  Get the water boiling, stirring as needed.

Add in diced potatoes untill the pot is near full.  I use the thin skinned ones and don’t peal them, but I have also used russets and just pealed them first.  Add enough water to cover them.  Boil and stir as needed.

Step 3: Make it creamy

Tear up the three kale leaves, I usually just toss the stems.  Once the potatoes are fully cooked, add in the 3 oat creams and the kale.  Let it cook another few mins so the cream isn’t cold. 

Step 4: Eat and Enjoy

I hope you like this recipe, it is one of my favorites, and a very hearty vegan meal!  

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