Why are there no window screens in Europe?!

When I first visited Europe over a decade ago I remember noting the lack of screens on the windows.  “But, won’t a bird fly in?” I said to my hosts.  “No” they said “that never happens.”.   Guess what, it happened two days later.  

Now I have been living here for a couple of years and still am boggled by the lack of window screens.  I’ve suffered though plenty of bugs, and even one bird since living here.  There are mosquitoes here.  And other bugs.  And birds.  Why no window screens?!

I recently got a cat who likes to sit in the windows which promoted me to look a little more for a solution to this lack-of-screen problem.  And I found something!  Now this link is to Amazon UK which doesn’t deliver to Finland free like German Amazon, but I couldn’t find them on German Amazon!

I have personally installed these on 4 windows.  It was pretty easy, they look okay, and I won’t be eaten by mosquitoes this summer 🙂  Also, like any window screen, they don’t really impede my view at all as they just get focused out of your vision.  


Basically you clean around the window.  Then you use this Velcro tape.  I have used Velcro tape before to hang up photos and such, but the glue on this stuff is pretty intense, and it’s a very narrow strip.  Then you stretch the screen across the Velcro, and boom, you’ have a screened window.  It even comes with a little tool to cut away the extra screen easily.  Fortunately for me I am even able to close the window and not disturb the screen so hopefully I can just leave them there until I move some day 🙂

Here they are: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07PMJWNC2

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